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Established since 2009, Edgewater Middle East has developed an exceptional and unique concept in vocational and continuing education in the United Arab Emirates. We proudly run under the flag of Edgewater Global, an academic management company registered in Dublin, Ireland.

Our strategic objective is to aid the seamless transfer of firsthand knowledge and productive workplace skills to the Middle East and GCC region. Using our main facility, the Edgewater Middle East Training Center at UAE, we bring world-class tertiary education standards, concepts, knowledge and technical skills to the UAE and GCC countries.

Edgewater Middle East’s full-fledged Training Center was officially launched in the year of 2009 during the Dubai Airshow and had the distinction to be lauded by His Excellency Billy Kelleher, T.D., the Trade and Enterprise Minister of Ireland and His Excellency the Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Thani, a prominent member of the Qatar ruling family.

What does our Training Center have that sets it apart?

  • Cutting-edge training methodologies
  • Academic premises that are conducive to learning, equipped with the latest technology and facilities and exceed international educational standards.
  • Trainers, tutors and teachers who are dedicated to adult pedagogy, their fields of study and the continuous honing of their teaching skills, thereby ensuring a pleasant and engaging learning experience.
What do we offer you as a center for continuing and tertiary education for aviation professionals?

Our core programs lie in the following:

  • Aviation
  • Business
  • Continuing Education
  • English competency
  • Information Technology
  • Security and Law enforcement

We also offer extraneous programs that address all the knowledge gaps that Middle Eastern professionals and officials in all prominent industries have identified through our rigorous research and consultation.

Our tutors and trainers are at the top of the industry and can attest to the following:

  • The employment of the latest digital and traditional training methodologies
  • The promotion of enjoyable and productive learning.
  • Stellar reputation with most of them holding post-graduate and doctorate degrees
  • Diverse work experience gained locally and international in their subject domains.

We gladly welcome you to explore our portal today and engage, equip and empower yourselves with Edgewater.

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