Key Facts and Figures


Edgewater lets the undeniable numbers speak for our success and expertise in the field of continuing education across all industries. With our extensive experience, expertise and and knowledge base, we seek to ensure that our clients have the complete, practical and premium training solution to their convenience.

We have collected some important facts and figures that can give you even more insight into our accomplishments and success.

Edgewater currently has:

  • Six years of successful & Impressive establishment history – Estd. 2009
  • Edgewater offers more than 300 diverse range of courses in Aviation, Soft Skills, Management, leadership, human resources, personal development, career development, work place skills and any many more.
  • 6,000+ students trained to date to form a strong forerunner of Aviation, Continuing Education and Emiratization courses.
  • Large In-house Portfolio of trainers for Aviation Business, IT Softskills, Continuing Education, Law Enforcement and Leadership Programs
  • 20+ Principal Trainers
  • 10+ Associate Trainers.
  • The Edgewater team has more than 100 years of combined international education Management experience.
  • Sent more than 450 + students to Ireland to date on diverse Internship and Immersion Programs.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Approved Training Entity.
  • ACTVET Approved Training Entity – Abu Dhabi Council for Technical & Vocational Education Training.
  • Impressive business footprint diverse type of training programs in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Ireland.

These are just some of our key facts and figures that show everyone we are ready to handle any and all your industry, corporate or personal training requirements.

With Edgewater, we use practical and experiential methods to reinforce the solid foundation of theories, literature and paradigms that students need to understand. Visit our facility or talk to us today to learn more about our achievements and training methods and be a part of our success story.

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