Our Approvals


Edgewater believes that excellence comes from constant evaluation and adherence to the strictest international and local standards. This is why we ensure that the best quality management systems approvals recognize and certify us:

ISO 9001:2008 Approved Training Entity

We have complied with ISO standards with the provision of:

  • Training Services in languages, continuing education and IT
  • Business, leadership and management training
  • Training services in aviation and aerospace
  • Training services in peace-keeping and military
  • Internship services to HS, college and university graduates
  • Academic management and educational consultancy services

ACTVET Approved Training Entity

We have complied with the ACTVET standards. ACTVET evaluates our programs, trainers and facilities yearly to give Edgewater the needed support to inspire confidence in our students that they are not only getting standard education, but expertise that goes above and beyond the norm. Our systems, staff, facilities, requirements and programs are improved yearly, thanks to the support received from ACTVET.

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