Introduction to Airport Business

The Introduction to the Airport Business is an entry level course aiming to provide the learners with essential knowledge, skills and experience that would lead to excellent employment opportunities within the global aviation industry. The 5 day course is a well-balanced mix of theoretical and practical training and aims to impart learners with a wide-ranging knowledge about aviation industry, airport infrastructure, airport management, vital zones in an airport and their functions, roles and responsibilities in day to day airport operations, airport ownership, airport security and airport economics.

The teaching method blends and couples classroom lectures with interactive multimedia lessons, group activities, onsite projects in the airport under the close guidance and supervision of industry experts. This learning combination would ensure that learners are well prepared for future employment and career advancement in airport and aviation-related fields.

Course Duration:
Classroom Theory: 5 Days

On Site and Off Site (UAE and GCC)

Target Audience:
Any new entrants aspiring for career/employment opportunities in Aviation/airport sector.

To undertake this programme, learners would require a minimum English proficiency of Intermediate level.

Aims & Learning Objectives

Upon completing this programme, the learner would be able to:

  • Understand the key and essential factors in an airport business and analyse airports as sustainable business units.
  • Gain basic knowledge of Airport Industry, operational structures and airport functions
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge about airport infrastructure and diverse zones and areas in an airport such as terminal, airfield, landside and their associated functions.
  • Understand roles and responsibilities in day to day airport operation and management
  • Understand the basic principles and concepts of airport security and airport economics
  • Recognize the importance of airport marketing and service quality at airports.

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